Jan 5, 2007

Charlie Wilson's War

How powerful one man can be. He changed the face of the planet, that Charlie. But he fell short. A man who loved the governmental process, gave up when the governmental process stopped caring about Afghanistan. I know that if "we the people" had known that $1 million dollars would build a school in Afghanistan and that in turn would bring hope to a nation balanced on the edge of a knife, we would have given. We would have hosted fund raisers and licked a million envelopes to get the money to rebuild and give hope to this nation. But we didn't know. It was a covert war and the government machine was in charge. So this beautiful nation is only now beginning to hope again. And I have friends who live there. Friends who have started companies and live in neighborhoods and will do anything to bring hope and life to this ancient and beautiful land. One person can change the world. If you see Charlie Wilson's War then take some time to read Three Cups of Tea and the Kite Runner if you can. Log onto an Afghan news site to find out what's really going on. Is it possible we're still in Iraq because we're hanging in there to build roads, open schools, fix water treatment plants, rebuild infrastructures and bring hope to a land long without it? I know these things are happening in Iraq. And good things are happening in Afghanistan, but I am not waiting for the government machine to do it. I am not a fan of big government for many reasons, but watching this film last night solidified for me the worst reason for big government; our inoculation to the idea that they can fix it all and when they can't, there's no hope. We the People.

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