Jun 23, 2008

Earth Turn

I watched the earth turn this morning. I could say I watched the sunrise, but that wouldn't be true. Being slightly ADD, a label placed on those of us with brains that work at the speed of light, part of my brain wanders around asking questions about the weirdest stuff. Stuff like; why are manatees so puffy, where do the rabbits that eat my garden sleep at night, what do the hummingbirds think my plastic plants will do for them and what's up with this sunrise thing. If the earth really does revolve around the sun and not the other way around, then the sun isn't rising or setting. It's just being. So what should I call that thing that happens in the morning, when the light of the sun reaches my upstairs deck with its fabulous view? All I could come up with was Earth Turn, but that sounds like some low-budget space movie from the 50's, not that there's anything wrong with that. If I really believe that the earth turns, then I feel like a liar when I call what I saw this morning the Sunrise. It didn't, so I can't and that's just it. So whatever happens every morning, and for that matter every night, is awesome and amazing and unique and it is one of the most delightful things God and I watch together. I'm thinking of taking a picture of every "sunrise" for a year, just to sit and wonder about how gifted God is at painting the sky. I wonder if God calls every "sunrise" by a different name, like He does the stars. Maybe that's why, despite my ability to give names to anything, I just can't figure out what to call the daily event of seeing the sun pop up over the horizon. For now, I'll call it Bob.


Unknown said...

It's working--you really are funny!

All my love,


Flood said...

How about Night Sink? Though that sounds like it would be full of roaches. I'll keep thinking about it. You keep posting.